Dr. Tanja Haug

tanja_vitaDr. Tanja Haug is a licen­sed attor­ney and has a doc­to­rate in sports sci­ence. She spe­cia­li­ses in sports and media law, a sub­ject she is very fami­liar with due to her for­mer expe­ri­ence as an asso­cia­tion legal coun­sel and mana­ger for TV rights. Tanja Haug is co-editor of the “Hand­book of Sports Law” and the inter­na­tio­nal jour­nal” Causa Sport”. She also acts as arbi­tra­tor at the Ger­man Court of Arbi­tra­tion for Sports.

In addi­tion to stu­dy­ing law in Con­stance, Tübin­gen and Frei­burg (1st and 2nd state exami­na­tion in Baden-Württemberg, for­eign sta­tion on Maui, Hawaii, USA) Tanja Haug stu­died sports sci­ence at the Uni­ver­sity of Frei­burg and the Ger­man Sport Uni­ver­sity Colo­gne (DSHS). At the DSHS she also gai­ned her doc­to­rate on the sub­ject of doping (the inter­di­sci­pli­nary dis­ser­ta­tion was awar­ded the Toyota — Sci­ence Award 2005), and taught sports law in lec­tures and seminars.

For several years Tanja Haug was legal advi­sor and head of the Anti-Doping depart­ment of the Ger­man Ath­le­tics Fede­ra­tion and the­re­fore responsi­ble for all legal affairs (focus­sed pri­ma­rily on club and asso­cia­tion law, con­tract law, orga­niza­tion law, spon­sor­ship and mar­ke­ting, labour) as well as for the Anti-Doping manage­ment. In addi­tion, she was Chair of the federation’s disci­pli­nary com­mit­tee and responsi­ble, for a year, as Direc­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons in Media of the Federation.

Tanja Haug was invol­ved hea­vily in the com­bi­na­tion of sports and the media through SportA GmbH, the sports rights agency of ARD and ZDF, in which she worked as a mana­ger dea­ling with the nego­tia­ti­ons, deve­lop­ment and super­vi­sion of TV con­tracts with natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal sports asso­cia­ti­ons and organizations.

As a lawyer Tanja has worked since 1999, full time since 2007 with her own office in Munich. In 2007/08 she com­ple­ted her spe­cia­list lawyer course for Copy­right and Media Law and still takes part regu­larly in trai­ning cour­ses to keep her up to date with any chan­ges in the law. In addi­tion, she taught sports law during 2007/8 at the Macro­me­dia Uni­ver­sity for Media and Communications.

Tanja Haug is a mem­ber of the Ger­man Asso­cia­tion for Sports Law and the Ger­man Insti­tu­tion of Arbi­tra­tion. She was a mem­ber of the Com­mis­sion on Law of the Natio­nal Anti-Doping-Agency (2002–2011) and the Inde­pen­dent Com­mis­sion of Experts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia against doping and drug abuse (2001 –2005).

As an ath­lete, Tanja began with the long jump and sprint, but later swit­ched to lon­ger dis­tan­ces, inclu­ding the mara­thon. She also likes to play foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, ulti­mate fris­bee and ten­nis, howe­ver, her pas­sion is ski-ing and she loves windsurfing.